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1987 . Germany ü.
LED Vary Moving Head, LED Wash ȸ ʷ LED Moving Head Zoom ߾üԴϴ.
̳ʵ ȣϴ LED WASH( Sparx7/10, A8/12) üԴϴ.
JB Lighting ǰīװ
LED Beam Wash Series LED Spot Moving Series Lighting Console


Varyscan P18 - 1000W LED Spot
Ultimate premium-class 1000W LED spotlight.

1000W white light LED
Zoom 7 - 56 (1 : 8)
only 32 kg
extremely quietAnimation effect, Framing cutter effect


The Varyscan P18 was designed for the major show and theatre stages. With its LED module of 900 W, the P18 supersedes the 1500 W discharge lamp. The P18 is very energy-efficient; there is no longer any need to change light sources the P18 means minimal service requirements. The modular fitting gives the light designer a variety of options depending on the intended application. It offers features such as shutter blades, CMY colour mixing, linear CTO, two gobo wheels, sparkle effects, animation wheel, two prisms, iris, 2 continuous, variable frost filters and a 1:8 zoom from 7-56 with a giant light output lens.


Optics and light source

1000W white light LED module

Standard: 7000K; 46.000 lm (30.000 lm output); CRI > 70

Optional: 5600K; 34.000 lm (21.800 lm output); CRI > 90


> 20.000h life time

Flicker-free operation

Zoom range: 7 - 56 (1 : 8)



1 Gobo wheel with 8 static, interchangeable gobos + open

1 Gobo wheel with 6 rotate-, position- and interchangeable gobos + open

CMY color mixing unit for fast and homogeneous color mixing

Linear CTO

1 color wheel with 7 full and semi colors + open also linear color selection, color filters interchangeable

Framing system with 4 Blades, each complete closing, each with separate movement and rotation control, framing system rotatable by 90

Motorised step less high speed iris with 18 fins

2 prisms, circular and linear, rotate- and indexable

2 Step frost effect with exchangeable frost filters

Electronic dimmer 0%-100%

Electronic shutter with preprogrammed puls- and ramp functions

Animation effect / animation wheel

Sparkle effect

Zoom range: 7 - 56 (1 : 8)

Focus system with auto focus function



3 phase extra strong stepping motors

Precise, very fast and silent movement

540 pan / 280 tilt


Control and programming

Protocol: USITT DMX-512, RDM

Ethernet / Artnet

Wireless DMX on-board - Lumen Radio

Bluetooth, W-Lan

Color touch display with function keys and batterie backup

Mini USB for software update

Stand-alone mode

Master/slave function

Built-in DMX analyser



Original JB-Lighting slide-in module technology

Rugged construction

Transport lock for pan/tilt

Forced air cooling (temperature regulated, low noise)

Graphical display, electronically revolvable

2 Neutrik etherCON Connectors

Neutrik 5pin IN/OUT

Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN/OUT



2 omega brackets for quick and comfortable mounting in any direction with four different mounting possibilities


Electrical specification

Max. power consumption 1200VA

Input voltage range 100 240V, 50/60HZ


Mechanical specifications

Dimensions: W 390 x H 745 x D 310mm

Weight: 32 kg


# 07547 Ư õ 583, 츲糪 Ͻ B 2001ȣ     ǥȭ 02-2093-1002 ѽ 02-2093-1003
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